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Cian and Malik
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This is a fiction story journal written by slavetopassion and boywondermark.

An overview by boywondermark: Since we first met, Jase and I have enjoyed roleplaying together...we've been through a few games/stories already...our first was the story of Valerian, a master warlock, and Adriel, a young demon...this story we handled more like a traditional Roleplaying Game and played via IMing. Next was a failed attempt at a group RPG...we were the pirates Etienne & Will...but unfortunately not for long. Our last story involved Vikings and Irish Monks...Selig, King of 18 kingdoms in western Norway, and Bran, young acolyte from the Irish Monastery of Innishmurray and was written in story form, taking turns writing portions and emailing back and forth.
We created many characters for this story and it became quite involved with Vikings, Monks, acolytes, slaves from many lands, picts and foreign kings...even a crone/soothsayer!
Now, after reading Laurell K. Hamilton's "Merry Gentry" series, we've started a story loosely based on those novels...Kiss of Shadows, Caress of Twilight and Seduced by Moonlight. Our story borrows elements from Laurell's novels, WhiteWolf's Changeling RPG, the folk and fairy tales of many different cultures and the mind's of Jase and myself! We also take alot of inspiration from the artwork of the various artists from ELFWOOD and pics of models or actors that we happen across.
What you need to know from Laurell Hamilton's novels : Around the time of Thomas Jefferson's presidency, all the Fey of Europe petitioned to immigrate to the United States...after many years of Human vs Fey warfare. The fey remaining in Europe were to mix with the royal population of the various countries....to preserve their culture, powers and way of life, the majority of the Fey immigrated to the US of A. The Fey had to make a solemn oath to never take on worshippers...for many had been worshipped as dieties in times past.
The most powerful of the fey, the royalty, nobility...are the Sidhe...tall, beautiful and very powerful...their magics are the strongest and they have ruled for millenium. The Fey are divided into two "Courts", The Seelie and the Unseelie...traditionally "the good guys" and the "bad guys"...but it's not so simple as that...I'd say it's more like "The clean cut Ivy League Preppies" and "The Party Kids from the other side of the Tracks"!
The leader of the Unseelie Court is Queen Andais, The Queen of Air and Darkness...she is unparalleled in power...practically omnipotent...and very, very feared!
Our story centers on Malik, half Sidhe/half Dragon, and Cian, half Sidhe/half Kitsune (magical werefoxes). We will be posting a Glossary of Terms that will expand as the story goes along.
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